Facebook Advertising


So you’ve heard just how amazing Facebook’s advertising platform is but you’re not sure how to pull off a successful campaign yourself? We would love to help!

Creating a successful Facebook campaign requires mastering several key areas:

  1. Your offer
  2. Proper targeting
  3. Your creative (ad)
  4. Your sales funnel

If any one of those 4 are off, you’ll struggle to get conversions. Whether you’re looking for a creative one-off campaign or a long-term inbound marketing strategy, we’ll work with you to ensure all 4 areas are on point so you can meet your goals & objectives.

The Facebook Advertising Process:

  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Campaign set-up
  • Testing
  • Optimization
  • Management

The timeline & budget for a campaign varies depending on where you’re at in the process. For a free consultation, fill out our pre-campaign questionnaire and we’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.


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