WordPress Web Design


Who is WordPress for?

WordPress is a great choice for those looking for a platform that can easily grow and evolve with their business, or for those who need custom features & functionality. The WordPress market place offers a huge selection of themes & plugins to accommodate many different needs (although be careful who you buy from, they’re not all created equal), and with 1/5 of websites online being WordPress sites, if you can’t find the plugin you need finding a developer to build custom functionality is pretty easy.

With all of WordPress’s perks, there are a couple things to consider as well:

  1. WordPress is not an all-in-one hosted platform. Hosting needs to be purchased separately (which isn’t expensive), however that means maintenance and compatibility between softwares is your responsibility.
  2. There’s a slight learning curve when it comes to using the WordPress admin. Completely learnable, however if simplicity & ease of use is a top priority, Squarespace or Shopify may be a better fit.

We also do not recommend WordPress for businesses that are primarily e-commerce. While WordPress does offer e-commerce integration, it wasn’t designed for e-commerce so the features and functionality aren’t ideal. WordPress also lacks proper e-commerce security so you’ll need to purchase an SSL certificate and security separately which can start to add up. Sometimes your host will offer both as a first year special deal or have an e-commerce hosting plan but we’ve found Shopify is the all around ideal choice when it comes to e-commerce websites. 


WordPress Web Design Package

Website Design ($2,500)
  • 45-minute design consultation
  • WordPress installation + set-up
  • Custom domain configuration
  • Up to 8 pages designed (plus privacy policy + terms & conditions pages)
  • Logo & Favicon integration
  • Blog + 3 posts uploaded for you
  • Photo Gallery w/ up to 15 images
  • Audio + Video integration
  • Social media integration
  • Responsive design (mobile/device-friendly)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Security integration & set up
  • Our recommended plugins integration + set-up
  • Coming soon page w/ email opt-in (a landing page to send traffic too while your website is being designed)
Email Marketing & Lead Generation ($500)
  • Email marketing integration & set-up
  • 2 email opt-in forms (1 unique design)
  • Lead magnet upload (bonus: how to create a must-have lead magnet)
  • Auto-responder sequence
Search Engine Optimization ($600)
  • Set up proper site structure
  • Verify website with Google
  • On-page SEO
  • Image optimization
  • Sitemap creation & submission to major search engines
  • Schema (special language that tells google what kind of website/business you are)
  • Bonus: how to write human & SEO friendly content for each page of your website (included in the complete web design checklist)
Total Investment: $3,600


Additional Features/Functionality:
  • E-commerce + 5 products – $500 (shopping cart + payment processor integration, set up, SEO + testing)
  • Products + SEO – $15/each
  • Images + SEO – $10/each (unlimited galleries)
  • Pages + SEO – $150/each (excluding sales & landing pages)
  • Blog posts + SEO – $25/each
  • Plugins – depends on the plugin: some we’ll set up for free, some will have a small integration fee
  • Custom graphics/logo/images – varies (contact for quote)
  • Something else? Let us know here.



1. The Complete Web Design Checklist: The complete web design Checklist will help you easily create and organize all the content you need for your new website, plus tips on how and what to write for each page so you really connect with your target audience and boost your search rankings in Google.

2. How To Create A “Must-Have” Lead Magnet: Did you know approximately 97% of the people who visit your website aren’t ready to purchase from you? And of those 97%, nearly 80% will never come back? Why is that? There are 5 stages to the buying process and the majority of people searching online are gathering information (researching & comparing). It isn’t until the last phase when they feel they’ve collected enough information to make an informed decision that they decide to purchase. That’s a pretty big gap of potential business lost and creating a “must-have” lead magnet is the perfect way to close it. 

A lead magnet is a free resource you provide to your target audience that answers their most burning question, need or desire in exchange for their email address. By providing a “must-have” resource for free, you’re able to immediately start building your relationship with potential customers while demonstrating your expertise, sharing your passion and staying in communication with them through email. All of which puts you front and center when they’re ready to make their purchase.

3. Free 60-minute consultation with Whitney: Now that your website is designed, you need to bring traffic to it. In this free consultation, I’ll help you map out your marketing strategy, and answer any questions you have so you walk away feeling confident as the CEO of your new business. (ongoing consulting is also available)


Web Design Process & Timeline

The Web Design process is a collaborative effort between both of us and usually takes about 4-8 weeks from start to finish depending on the complexity of your site and how much time you and/or your graphic designer requires to create content for each of your pages. 

We’ll create a timeline with scheduled check points, your target launch date and remain in communication with you throughout the entire process by email, dropbox and phone.

All content (documents, images, media, design notes etc…), are shared through a special dropbox account we create for your project. 


The Investment

We offer 2 payment options:

  • Pay in full and receive a 5% discount
  • 3 Payments: 1/2 down + 1/4 half way + 1/4 launch day

Either one is fine with us, we just ask that you pay by check or cash so we can keep our prices as low as possible.


Ready to get started?

Sweet! We’re excited to hear from you. Contact us through our pre-design form and we’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.